@ Harry Ramsden’s

Batter: Quite crispy but also rather thick. The underside of the batter reminded me of rubber backed carpet which has got wet and left behind a spongy trace when lifted from a concrete floor.
Fish: I chose the standard haddock which was a good size but was overcooked – possibly because the thick overcoat of batter prevented enough air circulating to steam the fish effectively so it became overcooked by the time the batter was ready.
Chips: These were good. Freshly cooked, thick cut and cripsy. Plentiful although a few too many scrapings for a sit-down meal.Also, no black bits, don’t you just hate wasting chips because they’ve got black bits which the chip sorter hasn’t spotted? Here they must be able to spot a black bit at a distance.
Peas: Good colour – look like real peas! Not a cosmetically enhanced version but varying shades of pale green. In fact they almost looked like guacamole that’s been left in the fridge. (I must tell Peter Mandelson that his faux pas was an easy mistake to make). However, they were overly sweet and didn’t have much texture, turning into a slurry in the mouth. Too pricey – I didn’t have time to count but I’m sure there can’t even have been 99 peas in the pot for your 99p.
Vinegar: The usual brown but served in a good splashable bottle. Disappointing amount of sauce left in the ketchup though.
Tea: Good and strong. Looked like Typhoo pyramids. Served in one of those impossible to pour silver pots a la service stations.
Bread: Plentiful. Choice of brown or white and spread right to the crusts.
Price: Not cheap. Standard haddock and chips is £7.49 with that 99p extra for peas and £1.49 for one tea.
Verdict: Although not perfect. it did hit the spot. Visited when very hungry which helped get over the issues with the peas.
Harry Ramsden’s at 1 Water Street, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4JU. 0161 8329144


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