How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Save me from eggs in the morning! My surprise trip turned out to be New York and what a fantastic adventure. From the delis better than department store foodhalls on every street corner, to that bedrock of American dining, The Breakfast, the Big Apple is more like an entire orchard for the foodie traveller.
But feeling jaded and jetlagged I have definately had my fill of eggs for breakfast. From those served on plastic plates in a quick stop to the rather more grand variety served up in the “busiest and best” diner in the city (Persia Square) the “country style eggs with potatoes and toast” habit has got to come to an end.

There’s something comforting about those fried potatoes – a bit like bubble and squeak – while the eggs are always done how you like them. Why is that a problem in this country? I like my eggs cooked so solid they could double as shoe leather while Himself is of the soggy disposition. In the UK that always means one of us is disaapointed but not in New York – attention to detail in the simplest of things you see.

On with the standard breakfast, the ketchup’s reassuringly sweet and the follow up of white toast and grape jelly (jam) just makes the whole deal a health conscious eater’s morning a guilty start to the day.
So before I get back to the porridge or muesli here’s some random images of a foodie New York from my phone camera. A better selection of pictures and a quick guide to some great places to eat on a whistlestop tour will be following (just as soon as I can locate the camera cable).
In the meantime – have a nice day!
Shrink wrapped breakfast – see before you choose!
Fancy an E (number) with that cake?
Bar snack Manhattan style – hummus, baba ghanoush and hot flat bread.
Every corner street store has a salad heaven deli. This little selection came from the take away counter at the fabulous Macy’s department store but wasn’t unusual in the sheer quality and range of the ingredients. Oh why can’t they export these great traditions and keep McDs, KFC, Wendy’s et al as a homegrown only speciality?


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