In defence of Charles

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Prince Charles but strangely I feel moved to defend him in the face of the tabloid condemnation he suffered today because he dared to suggest that childhood obesity could be cut by stopping kids filling their face with McDonalds.
Burger off!” screams the Mirror’s print version while The Sun thinks he has “stuffed both feet in his mouth”. This from the same paper which features a 14 stone nine-year-old on the front page!

OK he may be a bit fuddy duddy and of course he has all the advantages which mean a cheap and quick meal is never a necessity, but is he really so far off the mark?

Is there anyone in the country who doesn’t believe there’s a link between kids eating fast food and the explosion of childhood obesity? If you are that person – please contact me below.
The only way we’ll start to crack the horror of lives stunted by the ill health caused by poor nutrition is with a cultural mindchange to stop considering a lard-laden snack as a treat or a reward.
Coming on the same day as a study discovered that children believe cows lay eggs, surely McDs, KFC and all the rest have a role to play in that.


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