Chris Evans the bunny boiler

Foodie things don’t really lend themselves to radio but I have to confess an admiration for Chris Evans’ Thursday special food programme on Radio 2 as he seems to have taken the cooking broadcast genre to a new, funny and very interactive level.
With his blog, texts, phone-ins and special guests he has managed to conjure up some mouthwatering radio.
He had the culinary legend (and author of my very first cookbook) Marguerite Patten on for an entire fascinating show recently and tonight he managed to promote the virtues of eating rabbit.
And why not? It’s cheap (or free), lean, versatile and tasty – ask the French nation, they seem to manage to enjoy plenty.
But it was a brave move in the land of Watership Down, Beatrix Potter and bunny wunnys. Well done Chris – his recipe provided by Nigel the gastrognome looks fab too.
I don’t know what’s got into me this week. First coming to the defence of Charles, now the copper top, what next? A spirited support of Hugh Furry Massacre-all? This former vegetarian is coming over all carnivourous – perhaps it’s something do to with the air Stateside.


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