Garnish anguish

GARNISH has always seemed a dubious concept to me. Too often something unnecessary to the make up and flavour of a dish and just simply plonked onto the plate in a thoughtless way. But this wilted specimen has to take the award for pointless. In what way did the person who added it to my vegetarian sausage barm think this dead, green foilage would enhance my eating experience? I couldn’t even work out what it was – and I certainly wasn’t going to eat it.
According to wikipedia, a garnish is supposed to be an “embellishment or decoration”.

But when did it start? I don’t remember things coming with a garnish pre-1980s. Would anyone like to claim responsibility for its introduction?

gbreak.jpg Seems to me adding an inedible, unidentifiable piece of greenery to a plate is akin to putting dead flowers in a vase or rotten fish heads outside the fishmongers. The pictured specimen was added to the plate in Zest – an establishment I’ve got a lot of time for. Their fresh jucices and smoothies are exceptional, the range of fresh food an inspiration and, being an Fairtrade cafe in the heart of Piccadilly, its rightfully won many plaudits over the years.
Perhaps that’s what made the thoughtlessness even more surprising, let’s hope it was a one-off but it might also be time to take a stand against the garnish as an outdated idea.


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