Bring out those Artic Rolls

WHATEVER happened to the Artic Roll? Does anyone still eat them and is it true that, under European labelling laws, only frozen dessert manufactured north of Norway can take its name?
OK, I know the last bit isn’t true but can anyone confirm whether that odd delectation of ice-cream and sponge (Artic or Arctic?) still commercially available? I was reminded of the childhood memory recently during a meal at the unlikely setting of Manchester’s rather swish Grill on the Alley (5 Ridgefield).
After feasting on steak, chips and all the trimings, the instatiable Himself ordered up a Ristretto Ice off the dessert menu. It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up what arrived – a cup of hot ristretto coffee and a plate of ice cream with the idea being to throw one over the over before eating.coff.jpg
Strange idea. It did work but only in the way of the Artic Roll something about frozen and warmth that’s underused. Perhaps there’s a market for more retro inspired desserts.
Full review of the Grill on the Alley here.


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