School starts training diners

A school which is serving up treats such as lobster and home-made pudding has received some well-earned praise in the press this week.
Cook Blodwen Hinton and her team have taken control of the kitchen to bring their charges fresh food at a fantastic price – £1.65 for a three course meal and a drink!
But what I liked most about this story was the fact that the school dining room is kitted out with “nice lace table cloths and fresh flowers”.
So, not only is Blodwen ensuirng the children get a taste for healthy food but she’s also raising their expectations by teaching them something about table manners and presentation.

In a world where its now considered acceptable to have waste bins on dining tables (have you visited a service station recently?) and a “children’s menu” translates to mechanically recovered meat made into the shape of a cartoon animal, the move to treating young people as diners can only be applauded.

And when they graduate, or visit restaurants with their parents, lets hope their discerning taste means a raising of standards in the wider world too.


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