@ Victoria Street, Glossop

A full take out this time instead of the over-priced sit-down versions looked at on this blog previously. What has happened to the really good chip shops? They seem increasingly difficult to track down between the pizza, burger and kebab joints. I know they’re no healthier in these weight obsessed times but there something almost homely about a traditional chip shop.
This particular premises caught my eye because its the sort of place that still has “frying times” on the door and children queue up there for their tea. It also doesn’t appear to have a name hence I’ve just given the street.
So how did it perform?
Firstly, the large woman brandishing a huge deep-fried sausage as she waited at the counter for her supper was a bit of an unusual welcome. Then;
Batter: Not great. Passable but not properly crispy – no crunch when cut into but it wasn’t greasy.
Fish: Overcooked. It looked as though it had all been kept hanging about for a bit. Also unidentifiable species – definately not cod. Why do chip shops so often do that? Can’t we have a choice of fish anymore or is that the fault of overfishing? I miss being able to choose from the board.
Chips: Now we’re talking. The chips were the highlight of the combo. Freshly fried, crispy and hot with just the right amount of splash and splosh by the vinegar bottle.There were a couple of black spots though but in the whole context I could forgive them.
Peas: Bland. It’s the only word for them. I couldn’t actually determine any sort of flavour – a bit like eating green wallpaper paste.
Verdict: First visit to this chippy and although it’s also near enough to home for everything still to be hot I’m not sure there’ll be a second trip. (Particularly if the sausage woman is around). It wasn’t the best (or worst) fish ‘n’ chips eaten but probably not special enough for a return match.
Have you tried this chip shop? What did you think? Submit your comments below.


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