Knickers singing all the way

On my travels again, this time to one of the countries named as part of the so-called “axis of evil” – Syria. Leaving behind the relative safety of Manchester for a week in Damascus is certainly a first for me. It’s a work-based trip to carry out some online training at a national newspaper in Syria but of course I’ll also be checking out the food.
So with the prospect of everything I do and see being a first, I’ve been doing some research.
And on my favourite topic of food, one thing I learned from this extensive travelogue is that its not unusual to see a person carrying a live sheep through the streets.

Seems a bit extreme to my spolit Western eyes but, according to this photographer, refrigeration isn’t standard in most households so taking the animal home is one method of ensuirng the lamb is fresh.

A bit of a contrast to departures at Heathrow (pictured above) where not only can you browse in Harrods but you can pass those hours waiting for your flight feasting on lobster and caviar. The best I could do at Manchester was a pannini – isn’t it time we raised our game a bit?
Although anyone researching this part of the world can’t avoid genning up on the extremly sensitive political situation some of the stranger facts that I’ve gleaned about this fascinating and cultured country bizarrely includes the existence of singing ladies’ underwear.
According to the New Statesman (which isn’t prone to flights of fancy) the range of lingerie on offer in Damascus would leave Victoria with a rather red-faced Secret.
Thongs with tweety-pie decorations which sing Kajagoogoo songs and even bras which play through a rendition of “Old MacDonald”. Now those I have got to see!
I’ll update the blog as often as is feasible. It looks like there could be some surprises in store.


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