Where to eat for 24 hours in New York

Here’s the long-awaited 24 hour guide to eating in New York. (The pictures are still irretrievable).
For breakfast;
Pershing Square. This is near the fantastic foodie must visit Grand Central Station. It’s exactly what you want from a true NY diner. It’s busy, the atmosphere is all hustle and bustle, the waiting is attentive and friendly and the food is just fantastic. However you want your eggs – they’ll be done to perfection. If you’ve got a sweet tooth (and I mean SWEET) then the blueberry pancakes will be worth a spin. As ever in NY the coffe is great and the tea appalling.
For lunch;
Live it up at Fresh. Just near Brooklyn Bridge they do fish in here like no other. Its a sophisticated atmosphere with clean blue decor and a subdued style of waiting. I’ve been told the owner is also the main fish supplier to all the restuarmnats in NY so, this being his own place, one can only assume this place gets the freshist plaice. It certainly seemed that way. As a birthday treat I tried thin, raw slices of flounder with a dill dressing followed by a dish which is apparently as commonplace as steak and ale pie over there called lobster roll. What I got wasn’t quite what the name conjured up in my mind. Looking almost like a hot dog this lobster in mayo was served in a brioch style bread roll. It was a little sweet for a repeat order but an interesting all-American eating experience all the same. The desserts were just amazing – if you keep to fish for the mains I always think you can go a bit over the top on the puds. Himself hasn’t stopped talking about the goat’s cheese ice-cream (not yet sourced back home).
For dim sum;
Mandarin Court, Mott Street, Chinatown. We really lucked out at this place. By complete chance out of the many hundreds, possibly thousands of restaurants in this part of the city we stumbled into this one. Having wanted to see what the Big Apple’s Canal Street was like (just to compare to our own) we wandered down a side street where the Mandarin Court beckoned. The low ceilinged, fairly dingy dining room set with basic tables and chairs didn’t look much. But then came the trolleys. Piled up with every type of dim sum imaginable. The staff didn’t appear to speak even one word of English and food was so quickly dispatched that you worried it might fall on the floor. But what food – the prawn roll was amazing and the spinach dumplings out of this world for their texture and taste. We ordered from what seemed like endless trollies, starting to get anxious about the bill. So when it arrived at the equivalent of £8 for both of us including green tea we could hardly believe it. Added to that, on our way out we spotted the Michelin star rating. Well-deserved too but where else in the world are you going to get Michelin grade Chinese for so little money? When oh when will be able to say the same about Manchester?
For a sophoisticated bar snack;
We didn’t stray far here anbd didn’t feel the need. Our hotel, The W on Lexington Avenue provided an uber cool backdrop for a drop of Merlot sitting by an open fire and tucking into a plate of flatbread, dips and salad. The only thing we were missing was an Apple Mac staring at one as you slurped your cocktail appeared to be part of the scene.
Still hungry?
Well we honestly didn’t find anywhere that was bad so just give any place a try – you might just strike it lucky.
If you’ve got any recommendations for New York, send them in below. A return visit is going to be planned at some stage.


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