Aaahhhh tea

Syria is another great tea drinking nation. Tea for breakfast, to help digestion after an evening meal, for a break with friends and oiling the wheels of commerce during business meetings. The tea is strong, more often served black and always sweet with servings of sugar delivered alongside.
So I was surprised to see the familar yellow label Lipton attached to tea bags, on advertising and even adourning kiosks dispensing tea in the street.
For most foreign travel, in my experience, Lipton yellow label means only one thing – flavourless weak tea for which several tea bags are needed to make anything resembling a British stand-your-spoon-in-it cuppa. But here the Lipton yellow label tea knocks Yorkshire Tea into the long grass for strength.
Intrigued about this turn around, I took a look at the Lipton website hoping for answers. Sadly though Syria doesn’t exist on their list of countries supplied. Shame no-body told all these tea sellers.


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