Home of the stretchy ice-cream

Ice-cream with elasticity. There’s another first. Wandering through the crowded markets of Old Damascus I was led into a cafe where room upon room of people sat enjoying a unique type of ice-cream. Although ices are commonplace across Arab countries, this particular type of ice -cream can apparently only be sampled here in the Old City. The photographs adourning the walls showing the King of Jordan, the Queen of Spain and other such famous figures tucking in to the dish, bear testiment to its special status.
It’s a vanilla and comes sprinkled with crushed pistachio and served in bowls. Made on the premises with the milk and vanilla being transferred from large drum to large drum, solidifying as it goes, it is finally beaten with a large wooden implement a bit like an oversized pestle.
I was told that it is this pounding of the mixture which is unique to this particular product. The resulting ice-cream is creamy and sweet but also has a remarkable elastic property, behaving something like cooked mozzerella cheese.

I do have pictures but sadly the local telecoms provider doesn’t support MMS so will update the blog with pictures when back in the UK.


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