Welcome home fish pie

What could be more welcoming and comforting than a home-made fish pie? In need of something reassuring to cook on my return home from abroad I sought out a good fish pie recipe on the internet.
First up came Jamie Oliver’s take on the homely favourite. “it’s a cracking recipe that does it for me” says Jamie.
Didn’t do it for me though.
I have had a version of the celebrity chef’s “fantastic” recipe prepared for me before – FFF (Fussy Female Friend) once did her own take on this to cheer me up after a particularly grotty working week. In her own inimitable way, FFF replaced the cream with yoghurt, the butter with olive oil and the creamy mash with sliced new potato. Very health conscious is FFF!
Her version was just the ticket but I didn’t fancy this original Oliver recipe when I looked more closely.
Firstly cooking the boiled eggs with the potatoes? Does that mean the advice my mum always gave me that you should never use the boiled egg water because it causes warts isn’t true? I’m sorry Jamie but I’m just not prepared to risk it.
Also serving fish pie with baked beans and tomato sauce isn’t fantastic – it’s overly sweet and too sloppy.
So my search continued to this excellent effort.
The step-by-step pictures are great and it does work. I did make a couple of adaptations to make this even easier.
* Put frozen peas directly on top of the fish mixture underneath the potato. They cook in the juices in no time and the finished item looks better without the peas mixed in.
* Add some prawns to make it a bit fancier.
* Make a small amount of parsley roux (butter, flour, milk and plenty of fresh parsley) to add into the milk mixture and pump up the flavour.
The resulting dish – delicious. Every last scrap demolished so I thought it worth passing on.


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