Having a (cheesy) ball at Carluccio’s

Cheesy balls. Or hot and salty cheesy balls to be more accurate!
At the risk of this blog sounding like a South Park sketch I can honestly say I’ve had my fill of cheesy balls.
There were pesto ones, mozzerella ones, and spinach varieties of the spherical treats offered around in vast quantities as part of the stylish launch party for Carluccio’s latest venture at the Trafford Centre.
An invited crowd quaffed prosecco, munched the most appetising appetisers seen around these parts for a long time and looked forward to eating top notch food in the previously unlikely setting of the mall of malls.
Much has already been reported on the gigantic chandelier and the lavish fittings but last night was all about the food – and the great man himself was there (pictured right) to see the proceedings get underway.
I was particularly impressed with the presentation of the finger food on offer. How about this beautifully simple way of serving up ham and breadsticks for example.
Or this alternative to pineapple and cheese on sticks. A whole assortment of mozzerella, basil and sun-dried tomato served in a pizza inspired display.
There was also a mountain of Parmesan chunks with balsamic, the biggest tub of the biggest olives ever seen, not-too dainty helpings of beef and horseradish plus any amount of recipes involving cheese shaped into globes.
So after the munchies have been munched, what’s on offer for paying customers. Well first glance at the rather stylish menu reveals that it won’t break the bank.
There’s a selection of mouth-watering sounding salads from £3.95- £6.50, pasta at around £7 and main courses including Milanese chicken at £8.75 and sirloin steak at £12.95.
The selection is pretty traditional, with desserts leading off on tiramisu and the promise of Italian blended coffees.
So while we didn’t get the opportunity to sample the menu, last night’s launch party certainly whetted my appetite for a bit more shopping in the near future.


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