Ugli by name, wimpy by nature

It’s been lurking in the fruit bowl for a few days now. With its patchy, mottled skin and unsymetrical shape it sure is ugly! Wanting to give it a chance to live up to its marketing slogan

“The Affliction is only Skin Deep so the Beauty is in the Eating “

I purchased my first ugli fruit at my local grocers and today finally plucked up courage to eat it.
Hailing all the way from Jamaica it’s a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit – a tengelo. Apparently it’s not pronouced as ugly there.
The fruit even has it’s own website. My verdict: it’s a lot sweeter than grapefruit and doesn’t have the depth of flavour of either of its parents. Almost a little watery. Certainly not offensive but just not very forceful.
Was I just unlucky with this one specimen or is that what they’re always like? I’d be interested to hear from any ugli connousieurs out there.


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