@ Peels Arms, Hadfield

A country pub in the Peak District this time – well it is nearly summer!
Batter: Really, really crispy crunchy. Made a satisfying cracking noise when cut into and not even the liberal splashing of vinegar made it soggy. I was a little suspicious at first that it might have been oven-baked because this fish jacket was so brittle.
Fish: Splendidly white, flaky haddock. Piping hot and not overcooked leaving me less sure about the oven-baked theory.
Chips: Of the flat and chunky variety. Well cooked and again crispy enough to survive a strenuous vinegar shower.
Peas: Good texture – could still make out the individual peas – and retaining a good green taste.
Salad: Yes salad! Why I do not know. This fish ‘n’chips came with either veg or salad which seemed totally unnecessary. The salad was fresh and crisp (if undressed) and also came with a helping of home-made coleslaw with a red onion base. This addition could be seen as a bonus or an unnecessary flourish depending on your view point. Having some lettuce and tomato is hardly going to make this into the healthy option.
Verdict: A good effort of the classic take-away in a pub setting. Thanfully no breadcrumbs or frozen petit pois! It was fresh, hot, tasty and plentiful – what more do you want for your fish and chips? The convivial surroundings and reasonable price of £7.95 marks it out for a return visit.
Have you tried this pub? What did you think? Submit your comments below.
The Peels Arms is at 6-12 Temple Street, Padfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 1EX. 01457-852719.


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