Life on planet Angel Delight

Aaahh Angel Delight. Remember that? Well apparently the whipped dessert from a packet is making a comeback. It was a regular feature in my childhood meals – and always that butterscotch flavour for some reason.
A pudding of sweet and beige proportions! It really was the 70s in bowl form.
I’m guessing that unique artifical flavour was generated with handfuls of e numbers – not that we cared about things like that back then. It’s certainly a taste I haven’t experienced since but one so powerful that I can bring it immediately to mind.
So while I crack open the Mateus, Himself splashes on the Brut and we settle down to the must-see conclusion of Life on Mars, I think whisking up the Angel Delight might be just a step too far.
But then again……
If you want to find out more read a review of Angel Delight here.
Don’t forget to join my colleague Ian Wylie after Life on Mars tonight – he’ll be online blogging just as soon as we all know the truth about Sam, Gene and Hyde. What will we do without them all? It’s enough to drive you to Cinzano.


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