A salty help for hummous

It’s been a long journey but I think I’ve finally made it – perfect hummous.
How the ubiquitous Mediterranean paste could be difficult to make is a mystery in itself – after all it’s only mushed up chickpeas with seasoning really.
People the world over seem to manage to conjour it up but the perfect hummous had alluded me for years.
Early errors included cooking the chick peas without soaking them. The resulting bullets were impossible to mash by hand (I didn’t possess a processor at this time) so poisioning was narrowly avoided.
The purchase of a food processor led to some more failed attempts involving tinned chick peas. The tinned versions seem have a slightly different taste presumably because of the additon of salt and sugar in the canning process.
Last week some patience with soaking led to pretty good hummous. (I’m also convinced that letting the chick peas cool in the cooking water also helps in some way but can’t provide any logic for that one.)
This week a chance remark from a veggie connoisseur of the staple led to a perfected version – salt. And quite a lot of it.
Being someone who rarely uses salt this didn’t come naturally but I can confirm that a good helping of salt and pepper together with addition of the cooking water to the mix does produce the real thing.
Here’s the full recipe.


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