Chocolate V Snogging

Here’s some happy Monday news for a (rather grey) start to the week. Chocolate gives a longer lasting buzz than snogging, according to new research.
According to the Sussex scientists;

“There is no doubt that chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz.”

Any further scientific reasons to eat chocolate has got to be a good thing, although I’ve got a feeling that the poor scores for the kissing might have had something to do with the fact the volunteers were all asked to engage under laborartory condisions with electrodes attached to their scalps and wearing heart monitors.
Doesn’t look like the most passionate of experiences really!
If you need any more reasons to tuck into chocolate;
* Cocoa lowers blood pressure, according to German researchers.
* Cocoa froths with anti-cancer compounds, according to Cornell University.
* Choclate benefits chronique fatigue sufferers, according to American researchers.
* Dark chocolate could help with diabetes, according to Italian researchers.


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