How to make a sandwich

Do you need help in making a sandwich? Then this new book could be just the thing.
Cookery writer Jane Lunzer Gifford has teamed up with the sandwich business Pret to bring us Pret Food On The Move.
The idea is apparently to give workers some mouth-watering inspiration for the ideal packed lunch.
The publishers say:

“From soups and hot drinks to the ever-popular sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and salads that have been impressing customers for the past twenty years. In this book, you will find inspiration and reliable instructions on how to make wholesome, tasty food that is colourful, delicious and not too tricky.”

And the tips from the writer include using up the previous night’s lamb stew “combined with redcurrant jelly and some watercress salad on a chunky wholemeal loaf”.
Now maybe I’m old fashioned but, isn’t that called using up your leftovers? Do we really need a book to instruct us on this?
In a world where Delia can make a packet from selling instructions on how to boil an egg I suppose anything goes.
Click here for a recipe from the new book and make your own mind up. I think it definitely falls into the leftover category and when they say it’s not too tricky, they really aren’t exaggerating!


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