Fancy a bag of nostalgia?

The passion for all things 70s seems to be growing into marketing dream. Picture the scene; Jemima and Tarquin get called in to see the 40 something boss.
“What’s hot guys?”
“I’m thinking picnics in the spring with flowing dresses and bicycles with bells” muses Jemima twisting her straightened hair with the sensor from her PDA.
The Sweeney, cars and that aftershave some boxer bloke used to advertise in olden times” prompts Tarquin pulling his tiny tuft of chin hair clipped into the shape of a Himalayan Goji berry.
“I see where you’re going…………………of course Life on Mars. But what’s the girl pull? I know we’ll use school girls, everyone wants schoolgirls. Unbeatable!” agrees Dave ( you have to be called Dave to get ahead these days, David is just too retro, even for a retro campaign).
And so this email dropped into my inbox;

“Back in the days of Grange Hill, kiss chase, skipping ropes, space hoppers, Bros and Barbie dolls, Walkers range of crisps including Monster Munch, Squares, French Fries and Quavers were the tuck shop must-have items.
“Now the old favourites have been re-launched by Walkers and the great news is that they have improved with age and are now better for you.”

The release went on to describe the bags of crisps as “nostalgic”. Checking back with the press office (sadly I didn’t find anyone called Tarquin) I inquired whether the snacks had ever actually been unavailable because I was convinced they have been packing out the shelves for years. And they have.
The point of the re-launch is to appease the healthy eating lobby with less fat and salt in the new versions – something no doubt about to incur the wrath of Julie Burchill who took her class-war campaign against foodoo’s to the airwaves this morning in praise of trans fats and junk food.
Listening to her squeaking on to insult dyslexics (claiming the condition is another word for stupid), before going on to assert that the noble working classes raised athletes on nothing but chips and burgers made me long for another era too – one pre-Burchill.

Picture from Noodlepie at Flickr.

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