Looking like an Italian

Enjoying the summer-like weather? Looking to eat outdoors? The people that bought us tapas done Italian style (it’s properly known as Piattini they tell me) has produced this guide to looking cool in the sun.
1. You’ve got to wear shades. You want to be seen when you’re out in the city, but you need to retain an air of mystery, therefore sunglasses are an essential part of your alfresco dining kit. The bigger the better, oh….. and Italian designer of course!
2. Do not stick your napkin into your shirt collar at anytime, but when you’re outside it is unforgivable.
3. Do not eat alfresco with your married lover – unless you want to create a scandal.
4. Do look your absolute best. Remember, anyone could pass by. Justin Timberlake, your boss, your ex-girlfriend.
5. If you’re whiling away the time over a coffee alone read a posh newspaper for extra street cred.
6. Order champagne at every available opportunity.
7. Never, ever be loud and shouty.
8. Find something to say. Two people sitting staring into space outside a restaurant is not a good look.
9. Do not chew with your mouth open.
10. Dine alone and cultivate an air of international man/woman of mystery
Pesto is at 115 Deansgate. 0161 831 9930. Read what others have said about the restaurant here.
Thanks to Laurenn @ Flickr for this international woman of mystery look perfected.

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