Bad week – time for a trip.

On balance, this hasn’t been a very good week. Why? See below. In fact I think it’s time for a trip away! Luckily for me a last-minute opportunity has come along and so I’m heading east again – this time to Egypt. As always I’ll update the blog if there’s internet opportunity but otherwise – see you in a week or so.
It’s been a good week for………..
Winter vegetables – you see I’m even struggling to come up with one highlight on the foodie front this week but I suppose the change in weather means a good excluse to shove the salad and enjoy those celeriac, swede and roast potatoes just one more time.
It’s been a bad week for……..

Soup lovers.
How much salt? Why?

Fast food parents
. Es aren’t necessary for a good night (or day) if you’re a kid. Just say no.
F Word fans. Was is just me or is the “find me a Fanny” just a laddish excuse for a smirk? Get back to the kitchen Gordon and leave us girls alone.
Have a taste-filled weekend!


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