Good golly, what’s wrong with cauli?

It looks like the childhood favourite of cauliflower cheese is on its way out with the news that one of the UK’s largest growers of the maligned vegetable giving up on producing the vegetable altogether.
What could possibly be wrong with the humble cauli? It can be grown in the UK most of the year (cutting down on those air miles) it’s usually relatively cheap, packed with vitamins and versatile to use.
Apparently its the whole vegetable that’s proving too scary for modern consumers even though they’re still scoffing the cauli in ready meals and florets. Is there a shortage of knives in the country? Are we really so lazy that we can’t remove a few leaves?
In defence of the brassica (which has been linked to prevention of some cancers) I’d like to offer this recipe.
Forget soggy, waterlogged school dinners and enjoy your cauliflower raw, steamed, tempura battered or with a hint of the Mediterranean.
How do you like yours? Has cauliflower been written off too soon? Let me know what you think below or share your favourite recipe below.


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