Let’s have more table performance

Has the art of performing at the table died out? I’ll wager it’s a while since a chef has threatened his eyebrows with a fire throwing incident involving a pancake in your local restaurant. (If you have been singed recently do let me know).
I thought the nearest thing to dining theatre was the speedy but intricate way fish is filleted at the table in some of Chinatown’s better eatreies (The Red Chili’s sea bass particularly worthy of note).
But that was before a recent trip deep into the Welsh countryside.
At what must be North Wales’ best restaurant (definately the best I’ve found anyway), Maes-y-Neuadd , I came across this eccentric performance of bread carvery.
A huge trolley of artisan breads is taken to the table where diners are asked to select their loaves and then the knife wielding assistant does the honours. In a process taking about ten minutes for four people there’s no naked flames to worry about although those sharp knives are bound to come under the scrutiny of the health and safety killjoys at some point.
Unlikely that this little show made any difference to the taste of the bread but perhaps it could be the start of a whole new table performance genre.
Come on you restaurants, get adventurous with the whole idea, I mean how about milking the cow for the cheese board inside the dining room or melting the cholocate for the fondant by placing a small bowl over the candle centre pieces during dinner?


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