What price spuds?

Just how much are you willing to pay for potato? Is peeling spuds so time-consuming or complicated that you’d pay say six or seven times the price just for the convenience?
It seems the food company McCain believe that you will. They asked me to have a taste of their new gourmet range to see what I thought so I put aside the peeler and reached for the freezer to give them a go.
I tried both the baby new pots with tomato and garlic and then (at a separate sitting) tried out the cheese and mustard version (pictured).
They were OK. I know that’s hardly an indepth review but what can you say about frozen potato? It belongs with the word “gourmet” in the same way that cat food does.
There was nothing offensive about either dish, the only preparation was opening the packaging and you can tell that it wasn’t freshly made. End of.
So the most remarkable thing I found was the price. These spuds in sophisticated clothing clost £1.89 for 400g that’s a whopping 47p per 100g.
Compare that to even a supermarket’s hyped up prices for pre-packed spuds of £1.78 for 2.5kg or in other words 7p per 100g.
Good luck to them if today’s convenience-mad consumer will accept it but I think I’ll stick with my peeler for now.


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