Revealed: The NIL Diet

Fruit stew? Now there’s a thing! The thought of fruit tenderising in a low oven for hours on end just doesn’t sound right.
But apparently it’s not like that so I was tempted to give a recipe out of the Sunday Times a try – partly because the picture looked so good and partly because I flirting with the idea of a bit of a diet.
Now diets are a subject which I generally avoid. Being into food, restaurants, cookery et al doesn’t really lend itself to diets and even the smallest amount of reading up on the subject will show what a folly the whole concept is with yo yo dieters and those bonkers people who live on cabbage or milk shakes for weeks on end.
And some of them also seem to involving the spending of more £s than loss of pounds with online shopping plans, books, magical potions and snack bars. Being skint and fat would be enough to make anyone turn for comfort from food.
But sadly I think I’ve passed that magical age when weight watching was easy and something’s got to give.
(What was that exact point? Do you mean there was a time when I actually could have eaten or drank whatever I wanted and I hadn’t realised?)
Or maybe it’s all those set dinners on holiday.
Anyway, I’ve been looking for some solutions.
Some diets seem to be based on sound science – the GI diet for example runs to many of the same principles revealed by internationally recognised doctors who studied the Okinawa people over many years to discover the secret of their healthy and active longevity.
But seem just seem overly complicated or plain nonsense (10-40 days on just lemonade? )
So I’ve devised my own diet. It’s called the NIL Diet. Catchy huh? No it’s not nil as in zero (although judging by some of the online forums I’d even get some followers for that) it’s the No Ingredient List Diet and I personally promise it will make you feel better. The rules are easy – only purchase food which doesn’t contain an ingredient label.
Just think about it – as many vegetables, fruit, pulses and grains as you can imagine (in reasonable quantaties of course) but nothing processed, pre-baked or messed around with.
Plus you’ll probably burn some extra calories carrying the bulky shopping home!
I’ll get round to writing the book and releasing the video at some point but in the meantime feel free to contact me if you need any help following it.
And just remember – it’s easier for a foolish woman to part with her cash than her flab.
Thank’s to Alison at Flickr for the picture. (No it’s not me – yet).


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