Fat kids – here we go again

CHILD obesity has raised its chubby cheeks again with today’s suggestion that fat kids should be treated as neglect cases.
OK, on the face of it sounds ideal.
Sights such as the one pictured on this page or six-year-old Dzhambulat Khatokhov, who stands 4ft 7in (1.4m) tall and weighs 15 stone (95kg) repulse us all so someone must be to blame.
Surely their parents should be punished for allowing them to get into this state? After all there is some of childhood being robbed if being unable to take part in games, no doubt being ridiculed and bullied at school and having a butt which is, well the butt, of all jokes is not something anyone would surely want for their little darling.

So fine, lock up the pasty munching, chip stuffing excuses for poor parenting who slouch around the streets dragging wailing ADHD offspring in their wake.

One of those behind this latest report Dr Tabitha Randell, a consultant paediatrician from Nottingham, strangely believes some parents are killing their children with kindness.
What’s kind about treating youngsters like foie gras geese?
But perhaps here in the real world there’s a bit more to it that wanton force-feeding or mis-placed kindness.
Do those parents really know any better? Are they obese themselves and why are the healthy choices also the most costly?
Until those questions can be answered then those that can afford to care about what they eat (and who have the wherewithall to understand nutrition) will have presumably have lean, well-focused children and those who can’t will start out on a lifetime of preventable illness.
Seeing as we’ll all pay for higher levels of disease and sick pay in the end, isn’t it about time the welfare system provided some education and incentives or the tax system provided some sort of disincentive for destructive behaviour?


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