Lentils, lentils everywhere

A mixed day in the kitchen – still picking lentils out of the plug sockets but have also discovered a new taste sensation.
First up the lentils. It took just one blast of the ‘on’ button but it’s amazing what havoc a slightly loose blender lid can wreak.
I was onto it as soon as it happened but – too late. Lentils from the lentil and ginger soup for lunch everywhere.
Thankfully enough stayed put to be eaten but I think we’ll be finding the little orange discs in everything consumed for the next month or see – not an attractive addition to hair, clothes or eyebrows either!
So to a new taste – preserved lemons. I bought a big jar of them from the supermarket and popped a couple into a chicken casserole. Wow – what a flavour. It’s almost essence of lemon. The recipe said they would add a flavour of Middle East cooking and they certainly do, its not sweet but has a fullness and depth of flavour.
But are you supposed to eat them? Or are they more like a Bay leaf – just for the cooking? Neither the recipe or jar made it clear and I’d love to know. Any other recpie suggestions for preserved lemons would also be appreciated.


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