The clip that’s banned – Go to Work on an Egg

Yes it’s the video they didn’t want you to see. The shocking tale of eggs for breakfast.
Watch it here .
Risque or what? I do hope I haven’t corrupted you in any way by exposing you to such images over the internet.
I nearly choked on my scrambled egg (free range of course) this morning when I heard that this clip featuring comedy icon Tony Hancock is not being allowed on our screens as part of a campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Lion mark.
Apparently the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) has said the ads cannot be repeated because the concept of eating eggs every day goes against the principle of eating a varied diet.
Author Fay Weldon, who headed the team which came up with the famous slogan in 1957, branded the decision “absurd” and I have to agree.
When this campaign was run in the 1950s, wasn’t heart disease, obesity and diabetes less common than it is now?
All those ailments and conditions have skyrocketed since then and expert opinion seems to agree that its thanks to trans fats and a lack of home-cooked nutritious meal – not egg consumption.
Cool Hand Luke aside, we all know that eating scores of eggs isn’t either healthy or enjoyable but what can beat a perfect boiled egg or a freshly cooked omelette now and again?
It’s not just work – you can go anywhere on an egg these days.


One thought on “The clip that’s banned – Go to Work on an Egg

  1. “Go to work with an Egg, ours wont hurt you… “
    says World Egg Throwing Federation.
    The ads encouraging you to eat them maybe banned but the World Egg Throwing Federation is encouraging people to come along to the Persil 2007 World Egg Throwing Championships this Sunday, 24th June at Swaton, Lincs.
    Our eggs wont harm you, (whilst wearing protective the supplied eye wear and capes).
    Try your hand at
    Two person Throw and Catch.
    11 person Static Relay.
    Target Egg Throwing (at Stupid Steve)
    And introducing the eggastreme sport of…
    Russian Egg Roulette Knockout. 2 person trial of nerve involving a bag containing 5 hard-boiled and 1 raw egg. Competitors draw egg and smash onto own forehead. The winner is the one that doesn’t find the raw egg.
    All eggs are from sustainable free range and organic sources. To counter risk of avian bird flu we have been stockpiling for 6 months. Prizes include The Persil 2007 World Championship Egg Cup.
    Film of last years event at

    Andy Dunlop, World President of the Federation, says that the ads and official line of the advertising watchdog fail to recognise the positive side of eggs. “What better way of enjoying a family day out than to come along to our World Championship and have a go. We eggpect this to be in the 2012 Olympics”.
    Most games are free to enter and we even give away samples of Persil to clean up those difficult eggy stains that may occur.
    The World Egg Throwing Championships are run in conjunction with the Swaton Vintage Day. Over 300 vintage vehicles, terrier racing and folk music. Entrance is £4 per Adult, Children of school age £2 (under school age free). Family ticket £10. All monies raised go to local and national charities.
    This years event is sponsored by Persil as part of Persil’s Dirt Is Good Weekends a series of fun family event throughout the UK. See for details


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