Steaming muffins!

I see that Little Chef hasn’t improved any. Finding the stop start traffic on the way to North Wales too much we pulled over on the A55 to see if anything has changed at the small cook’s house since I last blogged on the subject.
Well, there didn’t seem to be any smoking allowed – but you still had to queue to get seated in an almost empty establishment.
The new menu didn’t offer anything exciting although all the eggs are now free-range which is one good thing.
Tucking into a hunt-the-bluberry muffin and a cup of we-don’t-do-herbal tea, Himself suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“It’s frozen!”. A large, solid and icy part of the mufin was returned to the surly waiter and two minutes later a new and smokin muffin’ arrived. Too hot to handle it was positively steaming.

It will be many. many months before we try a Little Chef again but surely someone will make a difference some day. Here’s hoping and while we’re into the realms of fantasy why can’t someone open a decent stopping place on the A55? The weekly exodus from Manchester into North Wales of 4X4s and Mercedes would surely sustain a great roadside establishment.


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