@ Allports, Porthmadog

Fish and chips by the sea! It’s one of life’s simple pleasures and an undoubted truth that the nation’s favourite dish tastes better eaten looking out to sea. But why is that? Is there a chemical reaction between vinegar and sea air or does the connection with the sea make the fish more fish like? Perhaps it’s the added danger of avoiding the gritty crunch of sand between your teeth or the thrill of snatching dinner from the jaws of hungry gulls that helps to make the whole experience so much more pleasurable.
Hidden in the back streets of Porthmadog this slice of cheese building always has a queue outside and for good reason – these award-winners are worth the wait.
Batter: The short drive from Porthmadog to Black Rock Sands did cause a little sogginess to occur in the middle but the crispy edges (and the view) more than made up for it.
Fish: Perfect piece of haddock, white flaky and enhanced by the sea air.
Peas: Nothing to shout about. Rather overly sweet and pretty much solidified. They were also colder than the short drive would have caused. Let the side down.
Chips: A huge portion, good and crispy even with lashings of vinegar. These are the chips that holidays are made of.
Verdict: It doesn’t get better than this. The chip shop has the right look and feel, a simple menu, everything cooked to order and hot and tasty. If I had to make one criticism it’s the plasticy containers – how I long for paper wrappers but perhaps that’s just a bit of nostalgia.
Allports is at Snowdon Street Porthmadog Gwynedd LL49 9DF
(01766) 512589

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