What I did on my holidays……

Back from a lovely but wet fortnight in North Yorkshire. With no internet access available I haven’t been able to blog so here’s the briefest round-up of thoughts, observations and discoveries from spending the start of July in God’s own country.
In no particular order;
1. Eating fruitcake without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze. Enjoy both (cake and cheese that is) to good effect at Williams in Richmond.
2. Gluten-free pasta? The point?
3. Thank you for re-opening The Punchbowl at Low Row, Swaledale and turning it into a top eaterie. Perfectly cooked and beautifully presented food in a spectacular location it was always a surprise to find it closed down for so long previously.
4. Some people believe that your diet should reflect the blood group you belong to as this is a way of achieving harmony with your genetic make-up.magpie1.jpg
5. The Magpie Café in Whitby is still the best fish and chips to be found in the whole world. The fish is so fresh its almost swimming and the batter truly does melt in the mouth.
6. There is life outside the Magpie. Try Mister Chips’ seafood trio – fish, prawns scallops, chips – and red wine? Trust me it worked. 7. Kippers for breakfast and Champagne cocktails at night. The Moon and Sixpence on Whitby’s quayside is sophisticated without being pretentious.
8. Does the smoking ban mean us non-smokers have to fight for a space in every beer garden in the country? At least the dink was cheap and the welcome suitably welcoming at the Whitby Friendship Rowing Club which has one of the best views in town.
9. Talking of smokers, who is going to clear the mountain of nubs which seem to be gathering outside every small town pub?
10. Does everything served up in Yorkshire have to be quite so large? Himself is due to finish his crab salad from the Magpie a week on Wednesday we guess.


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