Garnish anguish 2

The completely pointless, tasteless and visually incongruous advance of the garnish continues unchecked.
Just take a look at this recent offering.
It’s a soggy bit of lettuce with tomato slice and red cabbage. There’s a further clue in its presentation – yes the scallop shell.
Putting a dried up trio of salad items into a shell must be intended to somehow conjure up a sense of the sea. I could feel the waves and smell the salty air just by looking at it!

When it arrived it was taking up valuable plate space and so was immediately transferred to a side plate so that I could tuck into my fish and chips. It wouldn’t surprise me if 20 previous diners had done exactly the same thing and the seaside salad would spend its day rotating the tables until finally being flung into the rubbish untouched and unloved.

Apart from the fact that it looked so unappetising and I didn’t order salad with my fish and chips – the only veg to accompany my favourite seaside meal will be of the green and mushy variety – I hardly think a slither of tomato is going to transform the dish into a healthy eating option!
The venue for this sad sea themed scraping? The Magpie in Whitby. You really would think they would know better.
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Join me in banishing these things. Name and shame your garnish anguish by submitting your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Garnish anguish 2

  1. I see what you mean. Those bits of onion really add something to the whole dish! Although the whole thing looks a bit iffy to me.


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