Welsh lamb incineration

Welsh lamb, as the glossy magazine adverts tell us, is some of the best meat available. Reared in the scenic grasslands and saltmarshes of our neighbouring principality the quality and freshness is second to none.
And I’ve no reason to doubt it having had my share of sweet and tasty cuts dished up on this side of the border.

So given this natural advantage, why can’t the Welsh cook lamb properly? I’ve yet to eat a succulent joint or chomp on a tasty chop on its home turf.

Here’s an example from this weekend – char-grilled chops with the emphasis on char. I was a bit worried when the waitress at The Royal Goat in Beddegelert didn’t inquire as to how we would like our chops prepared but I figured they would know what to do. Sadly the resulting dish (not cheap at £11.95) were not just well-done but blackened.
Bitter and tough they might have been but what did I do. Complain? Me? Far too English for that!


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