Outside @ Albert’s Shed

It seemed a good idea at the time. A mini series on top city places to eat out. Eat outside? This summer? Since I started in June, it’s only been sunny enough for me to do two write-ups.
Well I couldn’t have known. Anyway the sunnyish evenings this week have tempted me back out and I gave canalside Albert’s Shed a whirl.
On the plus side
Good Castlefield location, smart surroundings and a classy menu. Mostly pizza, pasta and salads but some interesting looking specials and fish dishes such as the mouthwatering sounding tuna sashimi with wasabi coleslaw.(£13.95).
Ignoring the rather brisk breeze, we kicked off with a plentiful supply of mixed olives (£1.80) and some tender grilled aubergine with freshly baked bread (£2.95).
Delicious but just as we were relaxing (while holding down any loose paper material to avoid it blowing away) the mains arrived.
Now I admire prompt service but what’s the hurry? Perhaps the waitress was trying to keep warm.
So leaving the cold appetisers to one side, I tucked into king prawn linguine(£7.95). The succulent king prawn, strips of red pepper and courgette and perfectly cooked linguine would have benefited from a more generous helping of chilli but was a welcome fresh meal.
Himself fared better declaring his penne with sausage to be perfectly seasoned with ample chilli and excellent sausage.
The minus
There’s not many minus points here. The overhead trams can be a bit intrusive ( see what I mean with this video clip
) but what do you expect it’s Castlefield not Camden (wherever that is).
Apart from rather too prompt main course my only gripe is the proximity of the tables from neighbouring Dukes. A pretty divide of flowers is fine but we did feel as if we were shgaring a table with the lager swilling visitors from the London medja scene.
Upmarket nosh in convivial surroundings. Just add sun.

Albert’s Shed is at 20 Castle Street, Castlefield, Manchester. M3 4LZ. 0161 839 9818. info@albertsshed.com.

More/bigger pix on Flickr.


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