Garnish anguish 3 – the environmentally unfriendly variety

This delightful looking slither of delicate colour appeared in a garnish recently. I wasn’t sure at the time what it was – or what it was for.
It didn’t taste of much, but I’ve since discovered that it was a slice of Dragon Fruit which travelled around the globe to join my broccoli quiche of all things.
According to legend, this strange fruit was formed by the dragon’s fiery breath and if you eat the flesh of this creature you became empowered with the dragon’s strength and ferocity.
Can’t say I noticed that particular effect but being served this relative of the cactus did make me question the sense of flying Vietnam’s main export to join a completely un-complementary dish.
According to the Carbon Footprint website, a one way trip from Hanoi to Britain is about 9, 241 km and will contribute 1.04 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

That’s some fiery, fiery, hot air those Dragon’s are responsible for.

The only possible reason for using this in a garnish could have been for its pretty purple edged colour. So what’s wrong with a good old British radish? Beautiful colour, great crunch and a far more suitable accompaniment to cheese as well as being available in just about every region of the country.
There’s as much information about Dragon Fruit as you could ever want to be found at this very informative blog from Greenhouse Girl.
Garnish anguish 2

Garnish anguish 1.


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