Outside @ Tom’s Chop House

A pub restaurant that’s well known for the quality of its food and an outdoor area right in the heart of the city. Tom’s is the popular choice for shoppers and workers alike.
The plus
It has to be the food with generous portions of well-prepared and presented traditional food. It’s generally a meaty treat Corned beef has, black pudding fritters) but there’s also a good fish selection and something (but not much) for veggies (cheese pasty).
We saw someone else eating the fish and chips and just couldn’t resist. It really was as good as it looked. Read the full verdict here.
Service was great too – fast, friendly and up to date on what is and isn’t available.

The minus

It seems the venue is a victim of its own success. The seating is truly crowded together. See this video to see what I mean.
This is an added issue in the post smoking ban world as the smokers of world seem to think they can overrun every single seat outside every single venue.
Leaving veggie sensibilities aside for a minute, you can’t go wrong here. It’s always busy and bustling – because it’s good. The outdoor area could be bigger and could be more spacious of bylaws allowed.
If you’re a veggie – probably worth giving the chop house a miss – even if you fancied the pasty or the wild mushroom wellington, all those people tucking into chunks of carcass could be off putting.

Mr. Thomas’s Chop House is at 52 Cross Street, Manchester. M2 7AR Phone: 0161 832 2245.


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