A step into the horrible world of kids food

fishcake.jpgAren’t children’s menus horrid? Not having any small people in our home, it’s never been an issue for me before but looking after my adventurous eating niece this weekend was a bit of an eye-opener.
She is an unusual three-year-old, not doubt, enjoying olives, mussels and all manner of sophisticated things largely thanks to her French mama.
But like all kids she also enjoys chips, ketchup and ice-cream so we called in for a seaside treat at the weekend which proved a little too challenging – fish cake.
This golden coated, almost flat saucer of a thing didn’t look appealing. We cut it into small pieces, we smothered it in ketchup but she wasn’t going to be tempted.
Eventually I tried it myself and decided she had far too much taste to be persuaded to eat it – a strong slurry of fishy filling, no evidence of any seasoning, and all encased in a completely greasy coating.
That wouldn’t appeal to any child surely.
Our experience, at Tribells in Llandudno isn’t uncommon apparently. According to a report out last week, 66 per cent of respondents said the meals on offer for children were unhealthy – such as chicken nuggets and fries – or poor quality.
Leaving the children’s fish cake well alone, my niece enjoyed a succulent piece of plaice off the proper menu instead and finished off a top day out with a donkey ride. There’s some things that still can’t be beaten about a British seaside trip.


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