Magic ingredients: Dried chilli

These fiery little fellows are just great. I foud these particular ones in an Italian deli in Soho of all places – not exactly my usual haunt!
Thankfully I think it will take me a while to get through them as I soon discovered only a tiny amount is necessary so that’ll give me time to source some nearer to home.
They really do pack a punch to any dish. I’ve used them to great effect in obvious dishes such as a veggie chili and they totally liven up a pasta sauce. Just one will give a kick – the four I put in a penne proved to be too hot to handle!
You can just about put them in anything and it makes it more interesting – a boring omlette – add a chili, beans on toast, soup, daal ANYTHING.
Not only tasty, chili is also believed to have health benefits. According to Chilis Galore, among others,

“Chillis are loaded with vitamin A, a potent antioxidant and boost to the immune system. As the pods mature and darken, high quantities of vitamin C are gradually replaced with beta carotene and the capsaicin levels are at their highest. Due to these capsaicin levels, some believe that eating chillis may have an extra thermic affect, temporarily speeding up the metabolic rate, hence burning off calories at a faster rate.”

Crumble and enjoy!


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