Grab a little edible sunshine

corn.jpg Even if summer has mostly passed us by, it’s still possible to have some of the golden joy of sunshine in the shape of corn. It’s everywhere at the moment, piled high and sold cheap – yes, corn on the cob is definately in season.
What could be better than corn flowing with melted butter and a grinding of black pepper? Everytime I tuck into this little bit of summer it reminds me of the pesky squirrels at the allotments who always beat me to it, leaving me with nothing but stumps after careful watering and waiting until the cobs were ready.

There’s something essentially wholesome and fundemental about the appearence of the yellow corn and the soft, green, layers of packaging which nature so thoughfully provides.

And I’m always reminded of the charming stories two very sensible professionals tell me of their student days picking the corn when it was so fresh that they ate it straight from the plant with the juice running down their faces. Such a simple sensuous pleasure that for me sums up everything about a sunny English summer.
It’s that time of year again. Enjoy.
Thanks to cklnomein at Flickr for the picture.


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