24 hours, 24 experiences in Copenhagen

Yesterday morning I was fortunate enough to wake up in the gorgeous city of Copenhagen. What a Danish delight. I can now understand where those cheesey songwriters were at wih their “wonderful, wonderful” exhaltations.
But forget the Little Mermaid, it was a seriously cool city with plenty going on in the culinary and design stakes. I went to see what happens at a Crayfish Festival and how the Danes do a Cooking Festival.
Here’s 24 of the best if you end up with a whirlwind visit;
1. Sample the homemade organic yoghurt at the Hotel Axel, add some honeyed almonds and know in in just one mouthful what the expression “land of milk and honey” refers to.
2. Eat your smoked salmon cut as thick as roast lamb.salmon.jpeg
3. Laugh at the pedal rickshaw drivers as they race across a road junction – and promptly crash into each other.
4. Walk along the harbour and marvel at who might be rich enough to moor a vessel the size of a small town with its own helicopter on top.
5. Eat outside in the magical, enchanted, utterly kitsch Tivoli Gardens illuminated by 120,000 incandescent bulbs.
6. Visit the Chilihouse just to see what can be inspired from our spicy favourites. Hats, aprons, chocolate, sauce, vodka, rock – I think this guy must have chili pants.
7. Take the train to Malmo in Sweden and enjoy the simple pleasure of tapas well done at La Roche. They can make a humble tomato sing.tapastom.jpg
8. See the sun go down over Sweden wrapped up in one of the handily provided fleecy blankets provided at all outdoor venues – the fantastic fish soup I sampled is optional.
9. Stand in a long, winding queue where all that can be seen ahead is the gales of smoke and the scent of cinnamon to eventually be treated to hot, sweet, comforting churros at one of the stalls set up for the festival.
10. Just approve of the way wine is always served with water – you don’t need to ask.
11. Recoil with horror when you see the bill for any alcohol. £8 is normal for a glass of wine.
12. Have a dilemma about the menu at Paul – one of the city’s fated Michelin restaurants. Is paying £80 for food, £80 for wine, plus £10 for cheese, plus £12 for a desert wine plus service PER PERSON indecent? Too rich for our budget but were we wrong to walk away – is that what credit cards were invented for? The debate goes on.
13. Enjoy Champagne at breakfast – this has to be the first time I’ve seen free glasses on the buffet available to all guests.
14. Sit alongside the canal and sample a half bottle of Chardonnay for £11. Yes a half bottle.
15. Wish you had a bigger suitcase which could be filled with unique home design goods.
16. Enjoy the experience of walking around a city at night with crowds of non-threatening people enjoying themselves – no vomit, no fighting, no peeing in the street and most definately no taxi rank punch-ups.
17. Purchase earplugs for any pretence of sleep in Malmo. These crayfish followers know how to party – late.
18. Savour the dark rye bread with seeds – soft and treacley, just perfect for cheese.
19. Relish the fact that marie rose suace is no-where to be seen
20. Consider the truth that lobster and rock oysters are served at Copenhagen airport while cold baked beans and bacon barms are dished out at Manchester Airport. airport.jpg
21. Strech your imagination to consider whether the edible rooves displed in Tivoli Gardens could be employed over here – apartment blocks with tops of lollo rosso, nasturtia or strawberries (pictured)? Come on developers, think different.
22.Where have al the Starbucks gone? Rejoice in a city where hundreds of independent coffee shops can be successful.
23. Marvel at how the Scandanavians can do so many things so well until you hear the music – then feel smug that you come from Manchester.
24. Plan another trip – you can’t do the place justice in 24 hours.
My full review of the trip to Copenhagen and Malmo will be published in the M.E.N in the near future. In the meantime, if I’ve whetted your appetite, there’s more info about the Crayfish Festival of Malmo here and the Cooking Festival of Copenhagen here.


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