Tell us something we don’t know

TWO reports out today are enough to give you that déjà vu feeling. First up, did know that food additives can make kids hyper? Secondly did you know binge drinking kids get into trouble?
Yes today’s the day when research is published that proves what we think we all know.
The esteemed journal The Lancet has carried out scientific study on food additives. It’s report out today found that the deterioration in behaviour after consuming the additives occurred in children in the general population, not just in those identified as suffering from hyperactivity.
Professor Jim Stevenson, who headed the Southampton study, said: “We now have clear evidence that mixtures of certain food colours and benzoate preservative can adversely influence the behaviour of children. There is some previous evidence that some children with behavioural disorders could benefit from the removal of certain food colours from their diet.”
The binge drinking report should make sobering but equally unsurprising reading to youngsters and parents alike.
The authors of the study, Dr Russell Viner and Professor Brent Taylor, from the Institute of Child Health in London found they were 40% more likely to use illegal drugs, 40% more likely to suffer mental health problems and 60% more likely to be homeless.
They were also 40% more likely to have suffered accidents, almost four times as likely to have been excluded from school and 30% more likely to have gained no qualifications.
The binge-drinkers were almost twice (90% more) as likely to have criminal convictions, the study found.
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