Taste test: SunBites

Sunbites.low res.jpg
Aaahh crisps. One of life’s little pleasures – but sadly one that makes you wobbly. Personally I love them but in these sad middle aged days it’s a rare treat so the grail of crisps which aren’t so fattening is a marketing message worth risking a few pence on. Or is it?
Walkers this week launched a new range of crisps which they not only claim to contain 30 per cent less fat but that also contain more than a third of the suggested amount of wholegrain.
All very laudable I’m sure but they do cost 41p so what do they taste like?
Three packs of SunBites arrived in the office so we tried them out. As well as myself, three other intrepid tasters subjected themselves to the task in hand.
Here’s the rather mixed results:
I tried the oven roasted onion and rosemary flavour which was delicate and not soapy as rosemary has a tendency to be. They had a light texture which was almost a bit melt in the mouth.

While have to acknowledge Walkers’ endeavour for putting another healthy snack option on the market, SunBites overly wheaty taste and cardboard-like texture simply results in making healthy eating seem even less appealing. Sadly one in the eye for the full fat alternatives. Lawrence.

Tastier than they look and more of an authentic crisp texture than some other healthier options. James

Sour cream and cracked pepper had a subtle flavour without being drowned in the whole grain wheat. More satisfying than fat-free crisps, but too much of a hint of the healthy option. Crisps, after all, are not meant to be good for you. Mark

Tell me what you think below.


One thought on “Taste test: SunBites

  1. I received a free packet of Oven Roasted Onion and Rosemary in the post. My first thoughts were that this would either taste like cardboard or that the ingredients were not really that healthy. But, the ingredients looked healthy and the biggest surprise of all – they tasted absolutlely divine – easily beating any other crisps. I will definitely try the other flavours and add these to my regular shopping list.


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