A heavenly meringue experience

A little bit of heaven on a plate. That’s the only way I can describe the blackcurrant meringue I was fortunate to sample at Betty’s in Harrogate yesterday.
I don’t know why the picture came out like this – perhaps I was taking it so fast to get back to the dessert that it came looking as though it was travelling at speed – perhaps it’s the visual manifestation of a sugar rush!
Regardless of the picture, this delicacy was simply divine. For anyone who hasn’t had the Betty’s experience, I’ll try to sum it up here. First you arrive in the attractive Yorkshire town and your heart gives a little skip as you approach the door.
But then it’s dashed – oh look at that queue!
There’s always a queue – I’m certain it’s a deliberate policy. Yes, it is popular but I spied some empty tables at one point and the queue was still maintained.
It’s not a problem. I’ve come to the conclusion that the queuing is a necessary part of the whole pleasure experience. Waiting quietly surrounded by displays of chocolate truffles, tea breads and exotic teas merely builds up the anticipation.
I first spotted this meringue when the queue had shuffled forward sufficiently to allow us a view of the staircase and the trolley full of fancies for the ground floor restaurant was just visible in a tantalising glimpse.
I eventually got mine after we’d been ushered down to the basement dining area and already managed to demolish one of the house specialities – the fabulous smoked chicken and mushroom rosti in a creamy, wine sauce (pictured).

But is was the desert that made the visit memorable. The meringue base crispy fell apart when invaded with the fork but melted in the mouth.
The blackcurrant filling with strategically placed blackcurrants was sweet but not cloying and the texture of melting snow on the tongue.

It was beyond improvement.
Leaving the café behind, I remarked to Himself that every single trip to Betty’s (both in Harrogate and Northallerton) had been memorable.
But yesterday was also blogably notable. A return visit is guaranteed.


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