Manchester Food and Drink festival launched

With liquid stuffed pumpkins in hand and disco lights a plenty, the 10th annual Manchester Food and Drink Festival has been launched.
In what must figure as one of the more surreal festival launches, organisers chose a small area inside the cavernous Manchester 235 building inside the even more cavernous Great Northern Warehouse and invited lots of people – to form a queue.

It seems it was a night for queuing in Manchester. Having arrived fresh from the launch of the excellent Art Treasures exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery (where the queue was “entertained” by a man who was for some reason dressed up as a navvy and pretending that he wanted to be able to get back to his building work) we joined the queue of champagne weilding foodies desperate for a nibble.

Due to current gaming laws, all the guests have to become casino members or be signed in by a member, so looking like a well-dressed evening of gambler’s annonymous members who’ve simultanesouly fallen off the wagon, we formed a ever-increasing queue to be allowed through to mark the occassion.
Rewarded after our navigation through the giant Russian doll which goes from Manchester – square – warehouse -casino we made it throught to the smallest, darkest, furthest chamber ( reminds me of the Eygption temples experience!) to celebrate – with a stuffed pumpkin or pepper.
These unusual non-acoholic cocktails served in a variety of fruit and veg were the tipple of the day. Served over ice, the grapefruit and lemon concoction served in a green pepper became a fast firm favourite.
But what of the food? A few plates of the tiniest, weeniest nibbles seemed to be served whereever we weren’t, but no real food was to be found at this event for gourmets.
So wishing the festival well, we headed off for something more substantial.
But what of the festival? Well there’s certainly a lot listed to get the appetite running.
Full details are available at the festival’s official website and my colleagues on the M.E.N have picked out these highlights.
So eat, drink and be merry!


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