Good weekend for greedy birds

peacock.jpg It turns out to have been a top couple of days for our feathered friends. Most significant is York’s attempt to ban foie gras.
York city council has become the first in the UK to pass a motion condemning the sale of foie gras, in a move welcomed by animal welfare campaigners and likely to intensify pressure for a national ban.
I fully applaud this move – personally I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a product which has involved such obvious cruelty to an animal and surely there’s got to be better ways to produce pate than sticking funnels down poor creature’s necks.
Recently I’ve been enjoying a book about aphrodisiac food where the author makes a point about excluding any recipes which involve suffering of animals.

As she states, ripping the tongues from larks is one sure fire way to reduce any normal person’s ardour – and who could disagree. Well for me – foie gras and veal produce the same state of nausea and repulsion.

Away from such things and closer to home I’ve had a weekend of encounters with the winged ones. First this handsome peacock (pictured), his lady and two chicks became unexpected guests at a remote Peak district pub which didn’t seem to have a location.
Then the ducks of Derwent Resevoir got a helping of my free (it was slightly burnt but who cares about that?) vegetarian Cornish pasty.
I’m still slightly baffled as to how they could filter crumbs from wood mulch – that’s the wonder of nature I suppose.


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