Tuacadence: Manchester’s new top cocktail

As judged at last night’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards, created by Jasmine Carr from The Lowry Hotel’s River Bar.
Ingredients: Tuaca, Grand Marnier, Flangelico, Apple Juice, Gomme syrup.
Description of Cocktail:
All ingredients are shaken over ice.
The nutty taste of frangelico compliments the vanilla in the Tuaca and the orange from the Grand Marnier compliments the citruses of the Tuaca, Apple juice brings out the all the ingredients to make this a drink you can not forget!
35ml Tuaca
12.5 Grand mariner
12.5 Frangelico
25ml Apple juice
5ml Gomme syrup.
Served in a Martini glass on a plate with chocolate hazelnut and vanilla flavored chocolate on one side and Kumquats (Baby sized oranges) on the other.
The rim of the martini glass is half covered in fig syrup and dusted with ground Hazelnuts.
Do you have a recipe to share? If so let me know below.


City names top cocktail

cocktail winners_andrew_nutter_&_jasmine.jpg
I hear that something called Tuacadence has been named as Manchester’s top cocktail.
Created by city centre bar tender, Jasmine (pictured) from Lowry Hotel’s River Bar the drink was crowned last night at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.
The competition featured seven other finalists from bars in Manchester.
This was the 6th annual competition, a highlight of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. Contestants were asked to celebrate 10 years of MFDF and use a ‘decade of decadence’ as their inspiration and ‘Tuaca Liqueur’as their base spirit.
The competition was held at Cloud 23, where crowds turned out to watch the finalists battle it out for the award, which will be presented at next Monday’s Gala Dinner and Awards at Manchester Town Hall
Amongst other guests, celebrity chef Andrew Nutter (pictured) was there to help decide a winner.
Official judges included MEN’s Ruth Allan and world champion bar tender Jamie Stephenson.

Try it for yourself. Here’s the recipe.