Cooking for mother

I’m planning a special birthday treat for my mum this weekend – a lovely home cooked meal, some good wine and excellent company(of course) with no washing up or preparation on her part.
So why am I running around like a headless chicken? There just seems to be so much to organise and a particular stress which comes from cooking for my mum.
I don’t get to see her very often, mainly because she’s too busy running a cafe, and my main challenge is that she’s a very good cook. So what do you feed the woman who can whip up syllabub at the drop of the hat and is known for miles around for the quality of her game pies?
After hours of agonising over the menu (this all seemed very straightforward when I made the invitation all those weeks ago) I’ve decided to keep it simple with dishes I know I can produce.
For starters there’s going to be that old favourite mackeral pate . Well I haven’t (yet) found anyone who doesn’t like it and I’ve got some very posh horseradish which I bought from a deli earlier in the summer and haven’t had occassion to use.
Then I’m going to do roast (local) chicken stuffed with lemon on a bed of celeriac with wilted spinach and root vegetables. What do you think? Surely everyone would like that?
But I’m still at a loss over the desserts. I just can’t make good puds. I did manage to buy a giant pack of gourmet jelly beans today so I’m toying with the idea. Could I get away with it?


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