So what are you supposed to do with a chicken’s neck?

I know I’m being a bit pathetic, but I’m still plucking up the courage to deal with this – a chicken neck.
My excellent award-winning local butcher Mettricks provided this fantastic chicken for yesterday’s special meal. It’s so traceable that I think I’m in danger of being presented with pictures of its parents as well as being truly local, fresh and good value.
However I hadn’t banked on the livers, heart and neck being part of the package.
Yesterday they were just thrown into the fridge but today I’m working up to using them.
It does seem a waste to throw it away (my mum didn’t seem to keen on taking it away) so I’m determined to get over my sqeamishness and make some delicious chicken soup.
First stage the stock, so the stock pot will be out tonight with all the bits and bobs bubbling.
All I’ve got to consider know is that, when the whole gruesome thing is over, will I actually want to eat any of it? For a former veggie this is something of a trial of head over heart.
I’ll let you know how it goes but if anyone has any recipes that could help, let me know below or on my Facebook group We live to eat (and blog).


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